Skin discoloration is common as we age. Age spots, melasma, sun damage are the result of excess melanin in the skin from excess sun exposure, hormonal 

changes, post acne and even genetics.

Renewal PM is different because it has four proven lighteners to suppress pigment and even out skin tone. A light weight lotion with Tetrahexyldecyl Acsorbate the strongest Vitamin C to protect and brighten skin. ​​PLUS, Renewal PM has Retinol/Vitamin A to speed up the lightening process and stimulate collagen without irritating your skin. Combat the signs of aging nightly! Elevates blotchiness, improves over all clarity, smoothness, softens lines and wrinkles and helps reduce acne as it firms and improves skin tone and brightness.

Ideal for normal, combination, oily, dry and sensitive skin.


Cleansing/Gently Brightens

Want your skin to feel and look better? Improve your complexion? Great skin begins with a great cleanser. A unique triple action, citrus gel cleanser. Refresh Facial Cleanser efficiently removes impurities, excess oils, gently polishes and brightens, normal, combination, oily, sensitive and dry skin. Reveals softer, brighter skin. Removes makeup and mascara. Ideal for daily use. Refresh cleanser will not strip your skin of moisture. Super concentrated formula, so only a very small amount is needed. A blend of citrus, Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids to gently exfoliate, soften and brighten your skin, immediately!

Leaving skin feeling refreshingly clean! 



Dry, dehydrated skin results from lack of water content. It is normal for your skin to become dryer as you age. You can restore moisture

and rehydrate your skin improving plumpness, softness, glow, texture and how your skin feels.

Hydrafirm Moisturizer is aloe vera based to protect, comfort and heal dry skin. With Hyaluronic Acid to hold in moisture and plump dry skin. Hydrafirm Moisturizer has the strongest Vitamin C to brighten and protect from free radicals and aging effects from the environment. Hydrafirm is unique because it has powerhouse peptides to regenerate, protect and stimulate collagen. It is three products in one! Your firming eye cream and firming neck cream and your daily moisturizer. For all skin types and can be applied under makeup.


Often oily skin can be dehydrated. Cheeks may feel dry yet the t-zone is shiny or greasy to the touch.

Very dry or sensitive skin often needs an extra boost of hydration.

Replenish Serum is the answer! 

With ingredients like aloe, sandalwood, patchouly, chamomile, Vitamin K and Sodium Hyaluronate for ultra hydrating, anti-aging properties. Replenish Serum minimizes pores, is anti-bacterial reducing active acne and can help diminish dark circles. Also, it is an 

anti-inflamatory to reduce redness in the skin for a clear, brighter complexion.

Men love it too! It can help calm, hydrate and reduce irritation after shaving.

Replenish Serum is a versatile product for helping oily skin stay hydrated without feeling greasy.

AND extra hydrating for very dry  or sensitive skin that needs an extra boost of hydration under moisturizer.


Deep Clean/Facial Scrub/Pores

No Glow? Dull skin? Dead skin cells can lead to rough texture and dull skin. Dual action Rejuvenating Scrub with an invigorating peppermint fragrance will wake you up and get your day started with a glow!

An efficient blend of Peppermint, Glycolic and Salicylic Acid removes dead dry cells for softer, smoother, refined texture immediately. 

For a deeper pore cleansing that smooths rough texture, dissolves pore congestion, and helps reduce oiliness through the day!

Ideal for dry elbows, legs, knees and even improves back acne. Promotes cell renewal with a cooling refreshing sensation.

Primes skin for moisturizer to penetrate deeper. Men use it before shaving to reduce irritation, breakouts and a closer shave. Very concentrated formula for Normal, Combination, Oily, Dry and Sensitive skin.

FDA approved/biodegradable


Loss Firmness/Loss Elasticity

Loss of firmness and elasticity is caused by environmental (extrinsic) factors and natural (intrinsic) factors, as well as genetics, UV rays, smoking, smog, pollution and tanning. All these factors take a toll on your skin over time.

You can reverse the signs of aging and improve these factors with anti aging ingredients found in Renewal PM. Powerful firming peptides proven to promote collagen, increase skin elasticity and repair damaged cells. With Hyaluronic Acid and  a combination of Retinol, Latic Acid and Glycolic Acid to renew new skin cells without irritation. Improving skin firmness and suppleness over night while you sleep.